Due diligence

Make informed decisions quickly, reduce potential for errors and increase transparency

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Unlock the full power of collaboration

Co-create documentation with internal and external team members, in real-time

Manage diligence requests with ease

Rapidly mobilize internal teams and quickly respond to diligence requests in a structured and repeatable manner

Better control over information flow

Remove the friction of preparing, gathering and sharing documents during the due diligence process

Eliminate disconnected communication

Create a single pane of glass for all deal related communication to eliminate the noise and focus on strategic deal decision making

Equip investors with the information they need when they need it

Create cohesion and context by referencing documents to source in data room and enriching with definitions

Improve accountability and deal success

Never lose sight of where you are in the due diligence process and quickly identify potential promising bidders

From the moment I saw the platform, I knew it would be a game changer for our business. Capcade helped digitalise and streamline our investment management processes. Now I can handle more projects at the same time, with improved oversight and less burden when reviewing documentation. The user experience is intuitive and easy to use from first login.
Wilhelm Weber

Partner, SHS Swiss Hospitality Solutions

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