Capcade Cities digital platform

UN SDG Cities Platform
Connect with Counterparties

Build city ecosystem and determine city goals

Save time in diligence

De-risk economic models for projects

Close with the best terms

Invite solution providers and global capital sources

Automate compliance

Manage progress and track real outcomes

Core features

Create, orchestrate and close projects easily

Capcade enables you to create a transaction or search for mandate targets in curated or private marketplace, organize internal workflows and approvals, create offering documents, negotiate offers and manage portfolio items with user friendly and secure tools.

The Capcade Cities digital platform is something we are very excited about engaging with as we are digitalizing our urban development process

City Manager
Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are happy to deliver tools that connect cities to each other, to global investors and activate urban development projects that are in service of the global SDGs

Klaus-Michael Christensen
Head of Sustainability at Capcade

The platform has been easy to use and it's made our own internal team collaboration easier

Helina Piik
Stronghold Global Finance

Trusted by leaders in real estate, corporate finance and M&A and now available to cities

Initial partners have already run over $2B in requests over the Capcade platform.

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