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Strategic Partnership with Standard Chartered for SC Ventures

Capcade, an innovative tech startup transforming private market transactions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with SC Ventures, a business unit of Standard Chartered Bank.

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Technology Platform Partner SDG Cities Global Initiative

Capcade has achieved SOC 2 compliance and attained ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, demonstrating the company's commitment to high security, confidentiality, and quality standards

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Strategic Partnership with Apex Group

Capcade will provide next generation deal rooms for SC Ventures, replacing legacy data rooms with modern and intuitive digital workspaces where SC Ventures can engage and interact with their clients and investor network.

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From the moment I saw the platform, I knew it would be a game changer for our business. Capcade helped digitalise and streamline our investment management processes. Now I can handle more projects at the same time, with improved oversight and less burden when reviewing documentation. The user experience is intuitive and easy to use from first login.
Wilhelm Weber

Partner, SHS Swiss Hospitality Solutions

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