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About Capcade

Helping deal professionals improve the outcomes of complex financing initiatives

Our mission is to create a network of vetted investors, capital seekers and services
providers in a secure and transparent ecosystem

Our story

We founded Capcade after careers in private markets. Palmarium’s first-hand experience executing large real estate transactions, LBOs, bond issuances, and a wide range of financial transactions was the inspiration to develop Capcade.

During these complex transactions, much of the process is scattershot so we wanted to alleviate the pain points by creating a reliable, secure workflow.

The problem

Deal makers, advisors and project leads must manage significant complexity to successfully navigate a deal from origination to close. Deals are usually unique in nature, resulting in issues in aligning expectations among the various stakeholders.

Point solutions used to enable the process lack integration and are not comprehensive in solving for nuances in transactions, often resulting in longer transaction timelines and higher costs.

The Capcade solution

We provide a suite of state of the art tools that enable seamless multi-stakeholder (cross-entity) collaboration in a single end-to-end process. 

Workflow modules are complimentary and can be used in combination or stand-alone as plug-ins to enhance existing technology solution landscape, leveraging advanced open API architecture.

We are a global startup with local expertise
on the ground across the world







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