Next Generation Deal Orchestration Software

Connect with Counterparties

Find the right advisors, service providers and principles for your transaction

Save time in diligence

Keep files and documents organized in once place with easy to use permissions

Close with the best terms

Manage multiple offers at once and work your way to the best possible deal

Automate compliance

Use automated reporting, analytics and compliance checks for powerful dashboards

Sample Workflow

1. Register your organization
2. Invite your colleagues
3. Enter project details
4. Create a data room
5. Invite counterparties
6. Manage Permissions
7. Negotiate terms
8. Close the deal
9. Manage post-closing admin, reporting and compliance
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Average Savings on Closing
Investors, Sponsors and Advisors

We integrate with the tools you use everyday

From Microsoft Office, PDF and CAD files in the data room to high quality royalty images from Unsplash in the document builder to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for world class secure storage, Capcade integrates with the most powerful tools on the web to empower you to run your business effectively.

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