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Remove the friction of engaging with investors and grow your network

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Expose deals to your network with the click of a button

Remove the burden of deal outreach by publishing transactions directly to curated marketplaces of interested investors

Quickly bring investors up to speed on opportunities

Create opportunity summaries that encapsulate the essence of your deal and get investors excited about your opportunities

Peak the interest of potential investors

Highlight opportunity key terms to generate interest from investors with aligned interests

Uncover new sources of capital for your deals

Go beyond your existing network of investors by publishing transactions to counterparty marketplaces for rapid origination

Find the right counterparty and align interests early on

Clearly define mandatory terms and non-negotiable conditions up-front and quickly align with serious investors

Keep investors up to date with your latest opportunities

Invite your network of investors to participate in marketplaces and see vetted opportunities that may interest them

What impressed me most about Capcade was the easy to use and highly intuitive interface. I found the granularity and control you have with the platform very impressive, in particular information sharing amongst the various stakeholders. Compliance and security is also a top priority which aligns with our business requirements and ethos as a whole. I would highly recommend Capcade to any deal maker in the private market space.
Helina Piik

Founder of Better World Initiatives

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