Virtual data room

Sleep soundly knowing your sensitive
documents are protected

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Manage documents in a
single place

Upload and manage any type of file or document into the data room, however you choose – drag and drop, email or link upload

Sleep peacefully knowing that your data is secure

We take security very seriously and have the highest security ratings, multi-factor authentication and SSO

Secure, online file sharing

Securely share documents with interested parties with online viewer and shareable public links

Eliminate duplicate work

Optimize your time by accessing, editing and sharing documents online, securely, a single source of truth for all documentation

Protect confidentiality of information being shared

Only show parties what they need to see with redaction and watermarking to protect document confidentiality

Take control over your data

Easily manage access permissions at all levels with control centre and granular document level permissions controls

From the moment I saw the platform, I knew it would be a game changer for our business. Capcade helped digitalise and streamline our investment management processes. Now I can handle more projects at the same time, with improved oversight and less burden when reviewing documentation. The user experience is intuitive and easy to use from first login.
Wilhelm Weber

Partner, SHS Swiss Hospitality Solutions

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