Negotiate and close

Reach a final agreement more quickly and with greater confidence

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Signing multiple documents, made simple

Seamlessly manage contract signing without ever having to leave the platform

Terms and conditions of
the deal

Not every deal is the same - why would every term sheet be? Define the terms that matter to you and reuse them at your convenience

Transparency on agreements and outcomes

Create a hard copy of final terms and signed documentation that can be stored in a secure place and provided to stakeholders that require access

Transition smoothly to post-closing activities

Manage stakeholder groups to provide access to stakeholders involved in post-close compliance and reporting activities

Eliminate back-and-forth during signing

Save time by enabling multiple stakeholders to sign simultaneously with complete transparency

Get to terms quicker

Negotiation has never been simpler. Define mandatory terms, receive bids and make counter offers till you get to an agreement

What impressed me most about Capcade was the easy to use and highly intuitive interface. I found the granularity and control you have with the platform very impressive, in particular information sharing amongst the various stakeholders. Compliance and security is also a top priority which aligns with our business requirements and ethos as a whole. I would highly recommend Capcade to any deal maker in the private market space.
Helina Piik

Founder of Better World Initiatives

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